2: Boston

Lesson 2: Even if you only have a handful hours to explore a place, do it; it’ll be worth it.

Boston may be the most short-lived yet best two-hour adventure to start off my summer. Although every layover is a “short-lived adventure”, with barely 14 hours in Boston, I still managed to fall in love and it only took a train ride. This just gives you an idea of how much I loved the place and it may be one of the few places I’ve visited and thought “I could live here”. Now before I get ahead of myself, I’m sure there will be plenty of places “I could live” over the course of the next 50 weeks but it doesn’t make Boston any less spectacular. We got off the plane and after learning that the train was easily accessible from our hotel, there was no way I was leaving without at least seeing downtown and then turning around. I was with the same crew that adventured with me in Reno, so once I mentioned roaming the city for an hour it wasn’t a surprise they were 100% down . One of the girls had already been there and loved it so much that she was eager to take us into the city.

When we got to the hotel the front desk clerk told us they would get the shuttle to take us to the train station. Once we got to the station and were buying our day passes, we heard brakes of the train screech. Without a second thought we all ran as fast as we could up the escalator, down the stairs and across the platform to barely make it on a train that would probably be back in 15 minutes. We were being a little dramatic but a 10hr layover is barely sleep and a shower, so every minute counts.

Once we arrived downtown I immediately fell in love. Maybe it’s because I was new to traveling. Maybe it’s because Boston is yet another big city and I’m addicted to tall buildings and car horns. Or maybe it’s because it was on of the most authentically stunning cities I’ve ever seen and I want to raise my children there. Still not sure why but the point is that I fell in love. Everything reminded me of an older America because regardless of it being extremely updated, I could still picture gas lights and horse buggies if I thought about it hard enough. The buildings all looked as though it had been maintained over the years rather than torn down and rebuilt, even if it had been.

We walked along the edge of downtown to not only see street shows but an alleyway of restaurants, shops and bars lined by lights, live bands and the fun that comes with Friday night. We stopped at a place that was quite literally Established Before You Were Born (that was the name of the restaurant if you hadn’t already guessed) to be greeted by the most stereotypical guy you’d expect to find in Boston. He was a broad shouldered, sturdy looking brunette with a heavy jaw and an even heavier accent. He even managed to use the word “toots” while greeting us at our table. It wasn’t so much that he was stereotypical for Boston but that if I squinted my eyes and took a few steps back he could’ve passed for Mark Wahlberg’s cousin. Absolute love. After a few appetizers, a few pictures, and realizing we had to be at work in eight hours, we unfortunately had to call it a night. We strolled back to the train while taking mental photographs wishing we had more than a few hours to enjoy such an amazingly, striking city. It’s definitely a place I will be venturing back to and who knows, maybe next time I’ll just stay there.

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