4: Long Island, Hold the Tea

I went, I came out alive. Though most of my time was spent in Long Island, that didn’t stop me from spending a solid seven hours in New York City.

Lesson number 4: Don’t procrastinate while writing. It’ll take you a minute to catch up with yourself and in the end all you losing is detail, which is important.

I waited so long to write this that I’ve lost details, please pardon this one being short. I went to Long Island to spend a couple days with Abbie, someone I’d met in flight attendant training. I took a bus to a train only to hop off and see her smiling back waiting for me in the parking lot. We chatted about life post hell, training, and spent the entire first day playing bingo with her family before catching up on Game of Thrones. Abbie lived on a six house plantation off the coast of Long Island as the first road crept in between trees from house to house. We walked the grounds as she waved and passed out mail to her family and later that evening we went to a local ice cream parlor to load up before we sat bench side harmonizing to songs from my phone. It was a beautiful and relaxing weekend and though I’d love to show you more pictures and give more details, I cannot. If I did, they wouldn’t be accurate and not nearly as beautiful as the weekend I spent with her family. The last day we went into the city to walk around Central Park and The Met and fortunately those are the only photos I took the entire weekend. As I said, I’m new to this whole documenting what I do thing, but sometimes things are better left a beautiful memory. Or you can pretend like most weekends involving Long islands, I blacked out and don’t remember a thing. That didn’t happen but I’m running with it.

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