7: Short and Sweet in my NC Suite

Everything about Raleigh was short and sweet. The stay was short, the people were sweet. The hiking trails were short, but the open bar for two hours was pretty sweet. The smoothie I had was sweet, my shopping experience was a tad too short, and overall, I don’t understand how one can’t enjoy themselves in such a pleasant city. 

When we arrived at the hotel with 18 hours to spare the first thing I asked the staff was if there was a nice trial nearby. On the way there I couldn’t help but notice how incredibly green everything is. The roads are very open, and the houses have a very modern, yet cabin-like feel to them. It could be because I always tend to have a sweet spot for the south but something about the city just captivates you. See there’s that word again, sweet. The city makes you feel as if you’re somewhere familiar, regardless of never having been there before.

Immediately after getting to my room I changed into my best last-minute running gear and decided to jog the mile down to the Umstead State Park. The trails were very narrow weaving through the forest, something I wasn’t entirely used to. I began being outdoor active in Los Angeles mostly, so I was very much used to dirt, sand, and extremely dry grass. Umstead on the other hand was very, for lack of a better word, moist.

Fun Fact: Moist is the most uncomfortable word in the English language.

Fun Fact: I made up the last fun fact but I double dog dare you to prove me wrong.

Everything seemed damp as if it were constantly drizzling but they were about to get their first rain of the week in a few hours. The bugs were large, as usual, and I managed to run into a few spider webs; I suppose it’s a good thing I’m not exactly squeamish. Every few trees along the trail had a blue fabric nailed to it as if to keep someone on track. This made sense because there were times in my run I was not paying attention and if not for the blue fabric I could have been convinced I was off the trail and completely lost.

After about an hour of wandering, jogging and exploring I figured it’d be best to head to the hotel. Not to mention I’d just remembered about the two hours’ worth of free cocktails in the hotel restaurant. I grabbed my computer, began writing what you’re reading now, and had the very typical glass of wine and cheese sample while typing away. I wasn’t trying to be that stereotypical, but I suppose it’s better than being in a coffee shop, right? Excuses aside, it was nice to relax to a few glasses of wine before enjoying cable in my overly large suite; different kind of sweet.

Not so fun fact: This is when I found out Robin Williams died. So instead of having my standard glass, or two, I drowned my sorrows on the hotels dime.

The next day was just as quiet as I wandered not too far to a mall, grabbed a smoothie and window shopped before getting ready for the flight back home. The afternoon was short, and I managed to leave my favorite water bottle in my suit but those are tallies against myself. I can’t say I didn’t have a relaxing and quiet stay in Raleigh, even if only for a night.

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