12: Denver, Just Denver

You remember that time when I said being a nice person means you typically meet equally as nice people? No? You don’t keep up with my blog? Okay fine (rude), I’ll start over. Being a nice person means that most of the time you meet equally as nice people. I learned this in Las Vegas when a college friend showed me around the strip and I also learned this during my layover in Denver. When I was 16 years old I worked at a movie theatre where I made friends that I still talk to on a regular basis even eight years later. One of those friends was Tanya who was the first person I contacted when I learned I would be laying over in Denver for the first time.

She, like many of us Ohio bread 20 something’s, decided to move further away from home after college instead of drifting back toward the glittery and enticing black hole called the Midwest. Full disclosure, I love Ohio. It’s pretty at a glance and great to come home to but even only being there for a week you’ll fall into some sort of routine. Not quite my style.

Photo Oct 04, 2 03 31 PM

Anyways, Tanya is a darling. She picked me up in the morning and from my hotel near the airport and then drove us closer into the city to hike around the Red Rock Amphitheatre. I’m used to hiking in California (L.A. really) but Denver was much different. Just as dry, slightly cooler (weather wise), but incredibly different. The red rocks and bright green grass was like a nature-made architectural Christmas morning for someone who loves workouts disguised as fun like myself. Now this hike was just a couple weeks after my L.A. rock climbing adventure so luckily I’d ripped off the Band-Aid. You remember my L.A. rock climbing adventure, right? Oh yea you haven’t been keeping up…cool. Moving on!

Photo Oct 04, 2 54 38 PM

The paths weren’t as manmade and instead of strictly hiking upward on an obvious mountain/hill it, was much more open. There were more trees and mountains in the background rather than the smoggy overcast of a city. It was also much greener than the dry dirt I’m used to. I loved it. We walked and talked and as I’d ask questions that required long answers so I could attempt to quietly catch my breath like the inner fat kid I was. I’m sure it wasn’t noticeable at all, until maybe just now.

Photo Oct 04, 2 40 52 PM

After a mile or so we (she) decided to show me to the actual amphitheater that she just so happens to work at. The climb into the theatre had about 64 more steps than I’d anticipated but once you went inside it was gorgeous. The benches were steep and it was surrounded by misshapen red rocks, hence the name, and was clearly a place tourists went based on the populaity that Saturday afternoon.

Once we got to the end of the path we went out for lunch and she so graciously dropped me back off at my hotel before I had to leave for my flight 20 minutes later. I may have cut the time pretty close but it’s not every day that you get to drive around a city and go on a hike with a friend you hadn’t seen in over a year. I definitely had just a little taste of Denver but hopefully when I return it’ll be with ski gear and at least one more foot of snow on the ground.

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