17. Dallas: Big Hair, Booze and BBQ


You couldn’t pay me to live here. No that’s a lie. You can pay me to live anywhere that isn’t prison but considering what I call “prison”, Dallas is pretty close. Now before I have a bunch of gun marching southern folk chasing me down in the ice rink called Chicago let me make it clear that Dallas is awesome. It’s country, clean, proud and paprika blended population leaves nothing to be desired if what you desire is a quaint, southern city. Things are naturally bigger, people are naturally louder and the bars are typically, well, bars. The feel of Austin definitely changed my entire perspective on what Texas is but after going to four Texan cities I have little to no knowledge on the state as a whole, especially since it’s enormous. What I do know is:

A. It reminds me of a bigger, spread out combination of the Midwest and the south.


B. No matter how far south you go, theres The South and then there’s Texas.

C. You will develop a twang (or particularly a “y’all”)

D. The people who are actually from here will capture your heart and soul, like the darlings I met in training


D-1. Said people will also trick you into thinking it’s a lovable place for city folk

D-2. Noticed how I added D-1 (Oh the joys of lazy editing)

E. You will see creatures and won’t know what they are.

F. The heat will get cha!

G. The food is bred to make you fat

H. Yes food here is bred, idk what’s in the barbecue but I swear it’s the devil in a Santa suit bc it’s so bad for you but so damn good

J. Never trust a guy in a Santa suit holding a plate of barbecue

I. I lied (for the second time this post) trust ANYONE holding a plate of barbecue because they’re probably legit right?

K. If you’ve noticed I don’t know my alphabet

L. Back on topic, the more hood rat the area, the comfier the movie theatre seats are. Gotta make up for something right?

M. Grapevine is really cute if you want to pass through for one of their summer festivals


N. The Big Apple is what I’d like to think is a good definition of what type of people you’d expect to find in Texas, especially on karaoke night

P. They have a beautiful water garden in downtown Fort Worth…or was it downtown Dallas?


O. I’m still unsure on what is Dallas and what is Fort Worth (so confusing)

1. I gave up on the alphabet

2. I forgot where this was going

See what I mean? I can’t even write a post about Dallas without trying to purposely sidetrack myself.

Anyways, Dallas is cool. The people really make up for the fact that I’m a city girl and if forced to live there I’m sure I could fall in love with it very quickly. Some of the areas I’ve gone to seemed a little more Austin and less Texas; more hipster, less country.  One of the more memorable times I’d been was when I went for September 11th to be with a darling friend who’s grandfather was on the flight as a retired AA pilot. It was sad yet beautiful because although something so awful happened it has not only brought us together as a nation but allowed me to get to know one of the nicest and kindest people I’ve met. Her experiences flying soon after is what fueled her desire to want to be a flight attendant and in the end has made her a stronger person. I never got to know this man but after getting to know his family and those stemmed from him I can’t help but get a good sense of what kind of man he must have been. The memorial was emotional and after we shared laughs and stories that could fill any heart. It’s moments like these that make me like and appreciate Dallas. The people are phenomenal and after living there for a few months and visiting several times after, its a place I’m glad came into my life.


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