28: Los Cabos, Mexico – Salt, Tequila, Horse?!

It’s not often I’m able to have a truly authentic and fun experience on a work trip with my crew however, in the case of Los Cabos, I had exactly that. I went to work excited that I’d get to spend an entire day on the beaches of Mexico, but what surprised me were the crew members I had the joy of sharing that with. Once I boarded I noticed we were all within the same five years of age and to top it off we immediately got along; making lighthearted jokes that made the work day much more bearable.

When we arrived we realized that our hotel wasn’t just on the beach, it was a company provided, all-inclusive resort. The weather in August was a cool 97 degrees with enough humidity to give me a temporary Afro. The drive over resembled that of a desert with very few houses that had tin roofs, barely a gust of wind, and a mountainous backdrop that looked more like a painting than real life.


Flying over the area was interesting enough as you could see land stretched out for miles with no major farm, town, and colonization. Knowing places like these still exist, that are mostly used for destinations, when its surroundings look so deserted makes you appreciate the open land. Nearly everything in the U.S. is colonized if it isn’t declared a national park, but here places are able to just be.

As we came close to the resort, had I been dehydrated, I would’ve thought it was a mirage. All the buildings were Spanish styled with orange roofs and pearly white stone buildings bordering the coast of the ocean and leaking onto the sand.


Our resort had an open layout with a bar right near the check-in counter, a large multi-sectioned pool with swim up bar, a pizza stand, three restaurants, and all of this lead to a tan, sandy beach with vendors trolling for people looking to spend money.

Upon arrival we agreed that we’d meet in the lobby within 30 minutes and find local food places on the resort. This failed. However the events to follow turned out to be much more satisfying.

1. In an attempt to find pizza, we found several bars instead
2. We waited in what we thought was an order line for pizza, turned out to be the pick up line
3. Once learning the pizza place closed we attempted to pretend to be other people as they shouted out ready orders.
4. Resort workers in Cabo have a good memory, they knew we weren’t Brenda, the smart woman that ordered two meat pizzas
5. We never got our pizzas, but instead got a horse
6. We talked the horse owner down from $35 to $25 to let all four of us ride the steeds along the Atlantic

7. The horses were related AKA they tried to fight each other
8. The hour long ride was beautiful, even if a few tried to go astray and off path

9. I tried to take a cute picture with the horse, he tried to eat my face

10. We met up with our pilots for a nice authentic Mexican cuisine dinner, also included in our hotel
11. We met a lovely Australian flamingo dancer that invited us to her show
12. We went to her show (for five minutes)
13. We convinced the band to play 32 minutes worth of Selena as we danced in the lobby
14. We recruited other hotel goers to dance in the lobby
15. We in fact started a dance party, in the lobby
16. I retired, along with the rest, to my room to sit alone on my patio with a glass of wine being unbelievably grateful for the opportunities I’d received.


The trip was truly amazing, and I not only got to have a great time but enjoyed it with phenomenal humans. I may work with them again but more than likely, I won’t. What’s so great about experiences like this is you don’t need to recreate them, or be the best of friends, you just have to be on the same page of how much of a good time you’re ready to have. And apparently, that’s all I needed for a memorable trip in Los Cabos, Mexico.


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