46: Kona, a Big Piece of Paradise

To say I hit the ground running the last eight weeks of this blog is an understatement. It began when I went to Hangout Festival in Alabama and continued to cloud my weekly life until it’s end. Kona came towards the end as a gift a from the work angels somewhere far and beyond as I was binge watching Netflix in the basement of the airport. My name was called over the intercom to come to the front desk and when I did they presented me with Hawaii. Life, was sometimes quite alright. I gathered my things, called my mom, posted a status to make everyone hate me and left on an early evening flight to the big island for my first Hawaii trip.

At first thought I wanted to do a volcano hike, but to my surprise Kona was called “The Big Island” for a reason. In order to get to any of the hikes I’d have to rent a car and drive at least an hour searching aimlessly on my layover. Considering I had about a 45 minute notice that I’d be adventuring to Hawaii at all, I in fact did not reserve a rental car prior to takeoff. This left me to fend for myself on foot at our beachfront resort the company put us up in. Woe is me.

After conversing with my crew, Amber and I, decided to wake up at 8:00 am and rent snorkeling gear to explore the pacific. With my head beneath sea level and my butt sticking in the air I swam with the fishes and lived to tell the tale. At first I assumed we’d only be out there for an hour or so but four hours later we were still enjoying ourselves chasing groups of yellow and blue and purple sea creatures with the sun at our six. Prior to going I bought an underwater phone case so I could take photos and videos, and though they turned out like those on my 2004 Razr, it’s still a memory I’m glad to have captured.

The first few hours I swam out so far that when I peeked my head up I was a solid 100 stokes from the shore. After about a couple hours we retreated to a brewery where we grabbed local brews and fresh seafood as we sat on an open balcony facing the ocean.

The island, like all resort areas I’m sure, was pretty touristy but by the time the crowd piled in we’d already been outside for nearly six hours. There isn’t too much to say about Kona without describing the different kinds of fish I saw (and trust me, I can if you ask) but the island as a whole was a fantastic introduction to Hawaii. The people were painfully nice, go figure, nearly every tourist was a coupe or a family, and the food was divine. Kona is most definitely a family friendly fun island and I look forward to the day I go back to get lost in one of those active volcano hikes. Soon, I promise.

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