Lessons Learned

I’ve noticed that regardless of how much you travel, you never know everything. This page is for the things that I’ve learned on trips, life lessons to typically follow, or simply things to remember for next time. While some might be silly and obvious, others are rather helpful.

Lesson 1. No matter what always bring a bathing suit

Lesson 2. Regardless of how much time you have in a city, leave your hotel room an explore. You won’t miss the sleep but you will miss the experiences.

Lesson 3. When traveling in your uniform on a time crunch, despite how uncomfortable, opt to wear the pants. Rushing to put on tights in heat in a park garage is not fun, flattering, or effective.

Lesson 4. Don’t procrastinate while writing. Especially a blog post. It’ll take you a minute to catch up with yourself and in the end all you losing is detail, which is important.

Lesson 5. If someone ever mentions the KKK in southern Louisiana at 1:00am, abort the situation, IMMEDIATELY.

Lesson 6: if you typically have good instincts, trust them. They may just find you a safe place to sleep and a new friend.

Lesson 7: When in Europe, mind the roads and always look both way. You will undoubtably forget what side of the street cars drive on.

Lesson 8: If you plan on venturing outside in southern Texas mid-August, don’t bother with much make up.

Lesson 9: Being a nice person means that you often times meet equally as nice people.

Lesson 10: If you ever enter a bar with even one of the six to seven features I just mentioned, don’t touch a damn thing. (See week 13, San Francisco, paragraph 4 for details)

Lesson 11: Everyone should see the Golden Gate Bridge in person.

Lesson 12: No matter how short of notice, always exchange cash for the local currency of where you’re going. Even if you don’t intend on spending it, chances are you’ll regret not bringing it if you don’t; you can always exchange back later.

Lesson 13: Don’t steal anything in Mexico (or anywhere), they will run faster than you. You will get caught. You will go to jail.

Lesson 14: Put down your phone, keep your headphones off and talk to people. No matter how annoying or tedious the conversation may be, chances are you’ll learn something you didn’t know yesterday.

Lesson 15: Read your damn work schedule! I mean come on this is your life, you may not get so lucky as so accidentally end up in San Juan next time.

Lesson 16: Don’t be too proud or embarrassed to ask for directions. Also don’t be too ashamed to ask them to repeat it if their accent is too thick. You’ll look even sillier walking around in circles, trust me.

Lesson  17: No matter how far south you go, there’s The South and then there’s Texas.

Lesson 18: Some hotels do in fact let you lay out by the pool if you promise to buy from the bar; always check near by locations.

Lesson 19: Always post on social media outlets to reach out to fellow travel buddies, you never know who has the day off and 50 bucks to spare.

Lesson 20: Not every city in Ohio is flat, spread out and country.


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