Trip Challenges

In the process of  traveling, I’d like to accomplish all the things

Hike in at least 5 Parks

1: Trading Post Trail – Denver

2: Griffith Park – LA

Attend a show at Red Rocks amphitheatre

Participate in at least 3 charity events

Ice Skate in Central Park

Wine Country

Ride the London Eye

Visit at least 5 different friends

Ashleigh in Austin

Tanya in Denver

Eric in San Fran

Ride a double Decker Bus

Convince college students I’m 19yr old transfer and have them tour us around campus (and party of course)

Experience Bourbon Street

Sing a cover song with a random band (and video record it)

Do a brewery tour

See the Grand Canyon

Paddle Boat in Lake Tahoe

Hangout on a rooftop in NYC

See an off (off) Broadway show

Visit (or just view) the White House

Have Fish N Chips

Eiffel Tower Selfie

Take Surfing Lessons

Jump off a cliff into a body of water

Learn Misery on the ukulele in Hawaii

Ride an Elephant




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